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We have created this as an ongoing resource and a community for you. We know everyone is looking for answers and the next step. We know everyone is stressed today, because everything is running so fast and you’re pulled in so many different directions.

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The Big Live Shift

Karl's seminars and private sessions are the next step for those who have done every other process and are still stuck.
With us, people from every walk of life add zeros to their income and become the best they can be. The big shift doesn’t come from memorizing a series of rational techniques or strategies alone. The big shift is energetic in nature and comes from feeling. We use movement diagnostics to ground you in feeling and train your observer, this is the core of everything we do. If you can feel it, you can do it, every technique follows from feeling. Feeling your inner wisdom is your rudder. It is from feeling, this new awareness that you turn around every perceived problem in life and maximize your resources.


Take Charge of You

You take charge of your own process, find out who you are, and a vehicle through which you can express this and achieve your vision. This empowers everyone around you. If you’re ready to see the truth of why you’re stuck and what works, then this is for you. The solutions to all of your problems are within you!